Tips for Making Your Bathroom Safer

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cleaning, keeping it organized, and installing a walk-in tub. The older you get, the more cautious you have to be, especially in the bathroom. Throughout the United States, hundreds of injuries happen every year because of accidents in the bathroom. However, you don’t have to add to the statistic. Instead, follow these tips on making your bathroom a safer place in your house.

Add a Shower or Bath Mat

One of the easiest ways you can make the bathroom safer is to add a shower, bath mat, or both! A bath mat is placed outside the tub and helps prevent slipping while you’re drying off. Plus, it avoids water from spilling all over the floor, which can cause you to slip and fall. You should also consider getting a shower mat, which is placed right inside your tub and helps you prevent from slipping while in the shower. Overall, both can help prevent a lot of slip and fall injuries in the bathroom.

Clean Regularly

You should also be sure to clean regularly in the bathroom. Leaving your bathroom a mess can cause a slip and fall accident, or worse. Work on routinely sweeping the floor and disinfecting the surfaces. A large number of bacteria can reside in the bathroom, which is why it’s so important to clean on a regular basis.

Keep it Organized

Aside from keeping your bathroom clean, you should also keep it organized as well. You can do this by purchasing drawer organizers and labeling each drawer, so you can remember where you keep your belongings. After all, the last thing you want to do is reach for more scrunchies and get a handful of razors instead.

Install a Walk-In Tub

You should also consider installing a walk-in tub for your bathtub with shower combo. Walk-in tubs tend to be more secure than a basic tub or shower. Plus, it’s a long-term investment, if you’re still young. It’s also incredibly helpful if you have older parents that enjoy visiting you. Now, they, as well as you, have a safer way to keep clean.

There are plenty of ways you can make your bathroom a safer place in your home, from adding a shower or bath mat to adding a walk-in tub to your bathtubs with shower. Although you may not think the bathroom is an essential place in your home to update to keep yourself safe, you’ll be surprised how much these small adjustments can help.

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