Tips & Factors to Consider While Buying a Fitted Wardrobe


Are you simply tired of retrieving clothes every day from a huge pile on the chair or ruffling through disorganised clothes every morning? If so, it is time to consider re-organising your wardrobe space. Investing in fitted bedrooms lets you store your clothes, hats, shoes, and accessories in an organised manner. Fitted wardrobes are ideal for dealing with awkward spaces and ensuring your storage needs are fulfilled. This also adds to your property’s resale value.

That said, combating such a mess daily can be really frustrating, which is why you must plan a fitted wardrobe design while considering the following aspects.

Hanging space

Go for a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling storage space design. This allows all your clothes and items to be stored in an organised manner. You can even create sections to store clothes like one section for your winter clothes and another for summer wear.

Add shelves

Assign storage space for particular kinds of clothing. Shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, gym clothes can all be kept on different shelves.  This makes finding your clothes easy. You can even choose to colour code the storage for your clothes.

Organise shoes

A rack in the fitted wardrobe allows you to rotate your shoes as per the season. This ensures you will not struggle through shoe piles just to find your favourite pair of high heels or work shoes.

Space for accessories

Accessories include stuff like handbags, gloves, hats, ties, and jewellery. Your fitted wardrobe can be customised to store these accessories. Special areas can be created to store jewellery pieces. Hats and handbags need enough space to avoid getting crushed, which again makes fitted wardrobes the perfect solution.

Tips to consider while having a fitted wardrobe customised

Build quality

Wardrobe doors can warp, which is why reputed manufacturers use traditional frames equipped with panels. Avoid a wardrobe that uses heavy MDF slabs with  glued panels so as to mimic the frame & panel style. It will not last long and looks cheap as well. Also, note that if the hinges fail, the doors can drop. So make sure to pick butt hinges that are carved-in and attached to strong doorposts as they are very reliable and long-lasting.

Finishing errors to avoid

Rough and unfinished edges in the interiors tend to catch threads. Surfaces that are rough and cannot be cleaned easily leave dirty marks on clean clothes, thus ruining them. Therefore, ensure that the interior edges are smooth and surfaces are sprayed properly so that wiping them clean is possible.

Prepare the room

Fitted wardrobes don’t have backs and sides so remove all the furniture from your bedroom before the installation begins. Roll the carpets away from the area where the fitted wardrobe is to be installed. Decorating the room before installation is generally not advised but since fitted wardrobes do not have anything at the back, your home’s walls will be seen when the wardrobe’s doors are opened. So, you can go ahead and decorate the walls prior to the installation of your fitted wardrobe.

Made to measure

A made-to-measure wardrobe refers to a design that adheres to your room’s protruding areas in a perfect way. Its back will be altered to make a flat and customised finish. If electrical outlets need to be shifted prior to furniture installation, it’s usually not possible. But with tailored fitted furniture, you can easily conceal unsightly wires and cables or integral lighting controls. However, remember to inform your installation professionals about these requirements in advance.

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