Simple Rug or Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

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Cleaning and caring for a carpet or rug bought from flea market, barn sale or passed as heirloom from generation to generation is crucial. For centuries rugs have been used to decorate room interiors. With every era, patterns, textures, and designs have evolved but the grandeur and aura of rugs haven’t changed. It does not matter, if the rug holds a monetary or sentimental value, appropriate care is pivotal to retain its worth for years to come.

Simple rug care and maintenance tips

Regular vacuuming

It does not matter if the rug is hand-woven, hand-tufted or has flat weave.

  • Regularly vacuum clean the rug because debris, grit, and dirt can settle on carpet’s base, especially on hand-woven ones with tight interlock.
  • Hand-tufted carpets shed fibers, so it is necessary to vacuum them with high pressure settings.
  • Flat weave rugs are lightweight, so can be vacuumed easily.
  • Wool carpet needs to be vacuumed with hand-held attachments to avoid abrasion and excessive shredding.
  • For silk rugs use suction attachment gently to remove dirt and debris.
  • Cotton carpet can be vacuum cleaned with little more pressure to eliminate embedded dirt.
  • Viscose carpet needs to be cleaned regularly with carpet sweeper and not vacuum cleaner to avoid abrasion.
  • Looped patterns need to be vacuumed with less pressure.
  • Braided carpets can be shaken and beaten to loosen dust particles.
  • Shag, twisty, and textured carpets use revolving brush and suction attachment to preserve its quality for a long time.


Hard floor can be of tile, concrete, laminate or wood but have an underfelt for bohemian rugs because it helps to avoid skidding as well as protects the carpet from grinding friction.

Cleaning spills

Spills can be in different forms. It can be due to pet urine, wine, oil, blood, etc. Treatment will differ. However, one thing to remember is to keep soda water handy. In case of spills, shake the bottle, lift carpet and pour the bubbly liquid on the stain. The liquid takes blood, wine or pee with it. Then blot it from other side. Remember to BLOT always and not RUB! Always clean in pile direction.

Oily spills can be handled with little alcohol. For removing chewing gum, use freezing spray to harden it. Hammer the gum and dust the leftovers from the carpet. On flat weaves, spills can be wiped with paper towel. To remove stains cold water and soap is perfect.

Use dry towels to absorb all the moisture. Lay rugs flat to dry. Make sure never to dry wet rugs on a clothes line or they can lose their shape. If entire carpet needs cleaning them call professional carpet cleaner.

Rotating is essential

Rugs need to be rotated periodically to reduce the wear and tear. In addition, they must be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Get your rugs or carpets in high traffic area washed professionals once in a year. The cleaners will ensure that the fringes and edges are in good shape and not rubbed off. The rugs will look appealing and last longer. If the corner of the rug gets eaten by your pet or nibbled by moths then instantly visit the local carpet shop for repairs. If repair cost is more than half rug value then think about replacing it.

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