Preparing for a Home Showing with Your Bend Realtor

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You are selling your home, as you are scrambling through the rooms trying to place valuable items away so that buyers don’t see your prized possessions. A home showing is a stressful time for you as well as for your Bend realtor. Yet you can make the showing less of a hassle for everyone by using the following tips.

1. Sit Down with Your Realtor and Hash Out Home Showing Plans

If you plan to still be living in the house when it is shown to buyers, you want to know find out how the realtor will handle last-minute showing requests. You can also talk about other details such as what to do about pets, if you plan to be at the house during the showing, and what you can do to make buyers more comfortable when they are looking at your home. A Northwest Crossing realtor can let you know how they conduct the showing and provide additional tips for you to make the best first impression.

2. Be Flexible with Home Showing Times

It can be annoying when you have a buyer coming to your home in the evenings or during the weekends when you just want to sit and relax with the family. Yet buyers may not be able to come by at more convenient times due to work or family obligations. Be flexible with your schedule and understand that the sooner the buyer sees your home, the more opportunities you may get that the right person will fall in love with the place and make a bid.

3. Make Your Home Presentable and Enjoyable

Clean your home. Open the windows and blinds to let the light in. Make sure to declutter, and take down personal items so the buyer can imagine their family living in the home. All the regular home showing advice you have heard throughout the years is true. You want your house to look its best to buyers. So increase the curb appeal by making the exterior look presentable, then do the interior touches — such as putting on a new coat of paint on the walls and making the house smell clean and fresh — that will please potential buyers.

4. Keep Pets from the Home During a Showing

Not everyone will immediately fall in love with your pets, and some are allergic to them or are scared of certain animals. It is always advisable to keep pets out of the home when a buyer is coming by for a showing. You can take your dog for a long walk during that time or have a friend take care of your cat until the house is sold.

You want your home showing to go off without a hitch. By making the house beautiful and allowing the buyer to see the place at their own pace without interruptions, you will guarantee that a buyer will be interested in purchasing your home.

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