Maintain Your Roof with Regular Cleaning

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If you don’t maintain your roof regularly then you may face problems such as formation of algae, dirt and moss over a period of time. Very soon all these will get settled on the roof and reduce its life. As a result, you will be forced to spend your money to replace them. At the same time, any unmaintained roof condition will offer a very shabby look to your property which will be very difficult to resell in case you ever decide to sell it.

Most of you can easily maintain your roof all by yourself with regular roof clean and proper maintenance with the help of a professional roof contractor. In the following paragraphs, we provide various actions that you can do regularly in order to maintain your roof in perfectly clean shape.

Cleaning of debris

In due course of time, lots of debris gets collected on the roof which may be due to tree leaves, and from many other sources. It is not very difficult to remove the debris time to time to make sure that the roof condition remains clean throughout. Following are few ways you can clean your roof.

  1. You can climb on the roof and sweep to remove all the debris that are collected there.
  2. Use blower to clean the dust present in the roof.
  3. You can also splash water to clean the roof.

Clean the roof moss

Do not allow moss formation on the roof. If you allow moss to remain on the roof, then they may cause leakage in the roof. Not only should you remove the moss but you also need to take certain preventive action so that they will not grow back quickly. Following are few ways you can prevent moss development:

  1. Spread any acidic or basic cleaning solution on the roof, mosses cannot tolerate anything with pH value below 4 or above 7.
  2. You may use a combination of baking powder or baking soda, liquid dish detergent and bleach, salt or ammonia mixed with hot water which will create basic environment.
  3. In order to make acidic environment you may use vinegar mixed with hot water in 50:50 ratio. You can also add any juice of citrus fruit to make it further acidic.
  4. By spreading any of the above solution, moss will have its death soon.
  5. You can also cut the tree branches so that sunlight may be allowed on roof.

Remove algae and black stains

You can use the same acidic solution as mentioned above to remove algae and black stains.

Few warnings to note

Following are few important tips that you must note during doing roof maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Avoid using pressurized water on the roof which can also damage your roof
  2. Before applying any cleaning solution on the roof make a small trial in small area to make sure that it does nor create any corrosion or stain.
  3. Use soft brush to scrub the shingles

Take help from professionals

Time to time you need to take help from a professional roof contractor for yearly maintenance.

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