Maintain High Wear Areas of Sports Field – Easy Hacks


An athletic field is one of the most crucial type of field that you need to take care. Events are held from time to time. While most of these sports field are outdoors, you will also find few of them in an enclosed area to protect against the bad weather.

However, since outdoor sports events are mainly held out in natural weather conditions, world’s largest and most important fields are outdoor fields. You might find hard to maintain due to its regular wear and tear but if you take care of it properly and timely, a natural grass field can serve the best for any sports event.

Field information

Usually the field is filled up with sand, dirt, mixed soil. The most widely used natural grass is the Bermuda grass or commonly known as Bahiagrass. This grass is corrosion and can resist harsh climatic conditions. For more info to buy this grass you can check online sports and athletic sites.

A great filed must have proper drainage system along with an irrigation system to maintain it regularly. Bermuda grass has the capacity to retain adequate moisture needed for the soil and drain out excess water. This grass is not sticky and is most favored by the athletes among any natural grasses. Maintain of a sports field will recur substantial cost. You can cut down some of it if you follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Select mower as per your grass

Mowers are not alike. There are different types of mowers available in the market to mow different variety of grass. To mow a sport filed grass mostly reel mower is used because the machine used scissor type of blades and hence produces the finest cut.

Mowing should be done 2- 4 times of the week, depending on the type of season. However, if you have field made up of Bermuda grass it is recommended you must use a rotary mower because the grass is of denser quality the leaves are sharp enough to blunt out the regular models.

Timely fertilization

This is one the most important tasks among maintaining a high-quality sports field. You must fertilize it timely. Fertilizing it properly will help maintain the quality of the grass. Organic nitrogen and a mixture of organic potassium and fertile soil should be applied right after mowing.

It helps proper oxygenation of the plant. With proper care and maintenance these grasses have the capacity to withstand wear and tear from constant rough usages. Additionally, phosphorus should be applied twice during fall and before winter.

Regular watering

To maintain the surface appropriate for play, regular irrigation is pertinent. This practice should be carried on after each and every sports event and even morning practices. This helps the turf in regaining its moisture and does not dries out in harsh weather conditions.


Additionally, you must water it as per the season and temperature. It is advised not to daily water it in hot and humid conditions. This will make it soft and pest may start growing over it. Pay special attention to early signs of wilting and bluish grey tinge of the leaves. Trim it once you notice.

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