Interesting Facts About Our Future Homes

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Future homes will not only be on earth but beyond the planet’s atmosphere too. First, let us take a look at few futuristic homes and where they stand today. After that maybe we can make few predictions on where we are heading to.

  1. Future solar home on water

In the near future, we can easily expect that our future homes will have similar technology all over the house. Each future home shall be its own source of power generation station. Most of the future homes shall be tied into the grid in such a manner that it shall be possible to make power distribution to other homeowners and businesses, who have not yet made the transition.

Home use of geothermal energy, home wind turbines and building homes further underground with expanded basement will be more of a norm in the coming years, as top national priority shall be energy independence and also escaping addiction to any foreign energy sources.

  1. Future home theatre

Home entertainment system of the future will be totally out of this world. By combining various virtual, augmented and mediated reality movies and TV will be more interactive as compared to earlier. Just imagine, playing a future version of Wi-Fi tennis or golf inside your living room along with your virtual friends or watching any breaking news with the latest 3-D movie.

You will be in a position to dial up or down the sensory stimulus on demand. In fact, you will just need to think of what you wish to see and do in your future home entertainment centre and it will become reality just in a nanosecond.

In most future homes, there will be own future home and offices as well. The future workplace will be flexible and decentralized so that you can work during flexible hours, call meetings, also interact with co-workers virtually, collaborate and communicate with all from your own home office.

For those who have sleep problems, these issues will be addressed in future homes by using sensory deprivation chambers which is combined with future medical technology so that it will target your body by using personalized designer medication by referring so that it will ensure sound sleep during every night.

  1. Future home security

Future home security will certainly be matter of utmost importance. Cameras outside the home can integrate with various systems inside by using facial recognition software in order to determine friend or foe. This system shall be automated so that police can easily be dispatched when any foe is detected outside your future home.

Seniors citizens may be able to navigate much better in the future homes, which will be equipped with various escalators and moving walkways. All future homes will also be built with different age appropriate child-proofing that gives different levels of access that is based upon the maturity and age of each child.

So, in future homes there will be many different advantages. More power and flexibility shall be at your fingertips and make your future home as organized, busy, calm, exciting or relaxing as you wish it to be.

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