How to Make Your Shower and Tub Safer?

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The ability to sit down and take a nice, relaxing bath or step into an invigorating shower is something many young and able-bodied people take for granted. The elderly and disabled often have movement problems that prevent them from sitting down for a bath and sometimes even keep them from stepping into the shower. But, a safe bath and shower combo can make bathing and shower possible again.

Low Step

The biggest thing that makes a bath and shower combo tough for some people to get into is how high the step is. The step has to be high enough to keep bath water in but that’s often too high for the elderly and disabled to get their legs over. Safe bath and shower combos have low steps that don’t measure more than a few inches.


The short step makes showers possible but seems to eliminate the possibility of baths. A shower door makes this possible. The temporary seal the closed door creates can keep enough water inside for a bath. And, it’s easy to open when the tub is empty.


Even with a low step and door, baths can still seem impossible to people who can’t sit on the floor of the bath and get back up. A seat can be built into the shower, eliminating that problem. Shower seats are usually installed at the standard height of a chair’s seat.


Even with all these easy and safe features, a bath and shower combo isn’t perfectly safe. The surface of the tub floor is still slippery and falls can happen. To minimize the chances of a fall, the shower can be outfitted with a bar. Holding on to the bar while getting in and out or changing between sitting and standing can help eliminate falls.

Other Features

Regular baths and showers can have several different luxury features, like jets. These can also be installed in safe baths and showers. Being safe doesn’t mean denying relaxation and luxury.

Suddenly losing the ability to do something you love because of mobility issues is a sad fact of life. Never being able to enjoy certain things in the first place is an equally sad fact of life for some people. But, there are ways to enjoy little pleasures in life despite having limitations. A bath and shower combo can return two of these little pleasures with all their safety and ease of access features.

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