How the Features of Ecobags Define Progress Towards Green Planet and Greener Promotional Tool?


Ecobag is a good option to the single-use plastic bags. Material used in making, guaranteed durability, and affordability of eco tote bags has the potential to add promotional value to your brand and enhance the environment.

How the features of ecobags define a greener planet?

Material is recycled

Eco tote bags are recycled and have density of minimal 100 GSM. Wondering, what it means? Well, bags are designed from flexible and tough materials. They can carry your brand message and even graphics can be imprinted. Thus, you can be a part of the go green program using recycled materials. It even defines harmful materials are kept away from oceans and landfills.

Has a long life

Without any promise about durability, eco-friendly tote bags will never be effective in attaining its intended goal. The true power of the slogan ‘ecobags for good’ can have a huge impact on the society. Awareness about the adverse effects of using thin plastic bags has risen because a valid alternative is available.

Each time eco-friendly reusable tote bag gets used, one thin plastic bag gets averted from being circulated. The material used in eco-friendly tote bags does not shrink or stretch or retain water. With each use they will handle the test and remind you how worthy they are.

Non-woven options are affordable

Generally, non-woven tote bags are cost efficient, while purchasing because they are easy and cheap to produce. Low cost makes them strong candidate to play the role of green promotional product in your business.

Brand can highlight its green promotional initiatives by investing in ecobags and gain good ROI. They are available at low cost but returns are potent for brand and even the customers. Tote bag becomes your customer’s daily shopping friend. It means you are offering an important tool in the hands of your prospects that can help pioneer towards a greener planet.

In our efforts to turn eco-friendly, it is crucial to get each of the facts straight regarding plastic bags, which can be substituted with reusable green bags.

Myths regarding plastic bags exposed

Many stores still use plastic grocery bags. It means myriads will end up in landfill or ocean. However, the huge plastic corporations downplay the meaning of this huge impact. They are in plastic business to make profit, so let’s straighten the record. Some myths regarding reusable and plastic bags.

Myth – Throwing plastic bag is cheaper than recycling them.

Fact – Actually, recycling plastic bags can bring more job opportunities. For each single job at landfill there can be ten at the recycling facilities.

Myth – Plastic material is biodegradable and non-traceable.

Fact – Unlike eco-friendly tote bags, plastic takes millennium to degrade, during degradation, they release toxins in the soil and water.

Myth – Reusable bags are not robust as plastic

Fact – In comparison to plastic shopping bags, an average lifecycle of non-woven reusable tote bag is longer. For each one reusable bag, 700 plastic bags are used.

So, plastic bags have multiple issues. Besides cost, they stick in landfills, leach harmful toxins and are not sturdy then why use them?

Switch to ecobags for good!

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