How Many Bedrooms Should Your House Have?

Home Improvement

The time may come when you get tired of renting an apartment and you want to move into a new home. Yet one of the questions you have to ask yourself and your spouse is how many bedrooms it should have? The more bedrooms the house has, the more floor space and square footage the house will have, as this square footage will increase the asking price for the property.

You don’t want to live in a place that has too many spare bedrooms, as you will be paying too much of a mortgage payment as well as paying higher utility bills. Yet you don’t want to run out of room when your family begins to grow. The last thing you want to deal with is having to move again so soon just to have enough bedrooms, as you don’t want to carry another mortgage payment or deal with not getting a high asking price for your old house that won’t cover the first or second mortgage.

Figure out your present and future needs

Before the house search, you have to decide what your present house needs will be, and what type of your future lifestyle you will have. Do you plan to have a large number of kids, or will you just have a small household? You should also think about whether you plan to have your parents or in-laws move in with you in case they have medical conditions where they need more constant care and attention. Should you have extra bedrooms or a mother in-law suite that will be suitable for their needs?

Do you want extra bedrooms or a house that can be remodeled?

Instead of buying a house that has all the bedrooms already built into it, you may want to consider buying a home that can be more easily remodeled to fit into your changing lifestyle and family needs. In this manner, you can change the home when you are ready to grow your family. Also, you have more control on how the house is changed so that the addition is the perfect fit and will complement the rest of the floor layout.

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