Grease trap restoration and cleaning solution

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A grease trap is used to stop grease, oil and strong food waste from getting into the wastewater system. Commercial kitchens and restaurants should have grease tarps that are in best condition to save the environment from dangerous waste. While grease traps are not general in homes, they are often installed in homes with waste disposals because food is more likely to get into the drain. Repair or installation services for a grease tarp should be handled by an expert plumber who knows how to work with an underground or above-ground grease trap.

Grease trap installation and restoration

When you decide to install a fresh grease trap in your little business or home, our technicians are professional at working with all types. All our plumbers install your new grease trap and also do grease trap restoration, we can support you maintain it to stop clogged pipes and drains. We can also get rid of and dispose of your old grease trap if you need replacement services. When you call us, you know that your grease trap will be installed correctly and fast.

Water jetting

Water jetting is effective, simple, and non-toxic process. It is also the just way to get grease out of your pipes, since traditional snaking service are not strong enough.

First, our plumbers place a flexible expert jetting hose within the drain, and then they blast extremely pressurized streams of water into the pipes. This is also an affordable way to get rid of any blockages or buildup inside the plumbing system because it does not involve the use of harmful or chemicals solvents, which can eventually destroy or corrode your pipes. Safety is a priority when using this method. Only a professional plumber has the training to adjust the force and angle of the hose to safely clean out your pipes or lines.

Grease trap replacement & repair

As soon as you notice any issues with your grease trap, call our expert plumbers to resolve the problem for grease trap replacement. Our plumbers are forever equipped and ready to take care of any grease trap blocks or repairs before they become a big issue and expense. In addition to water jetting and video inspections, we also provide routine check-ups and inspections to give preventative maintenance for your grease pipes and trap. Regular maintenance for your grease trap will reduce the chances of blocks and system backups. If you need an emergency repair, our professional technicians will ensure that you get the most timely and expert repair services in the business.

Grease trap services

The plumbers at sewer surgeons can manage the maintenance, installation, and repairs for light commercial and residential grease traps. We provide amazing service with the highest standard craftsmanship and professionalism. Call us any time to learn more about what kinds of grease traps we can repair, install, or maintain for your business or home. We are forever happy to hear from our customers, so call today!

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