Finding the Final Addition to Your Remodel

Home Improvement

A recent gift proved to one lucky homeowner that shopping for the upcoming holidays doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore.  After extensive renovations to the outdoor spaces on the side of her suburban home, a basket of Harry & David treats arrived from a co-worker as a house-warming gift.  It was the perfect centerpiece for the dessert table that sat beside the pergola, and the compliments she heard all night convinced her that Harry & David had more to offer than the fruits and cheeses she had always associated with the name.  Not only did the guests praise the freshness and quality of their products she learned that by using a Groupon code, she could get gift baskets, floral arrangements, cheesecakes, table décor and more just by shopping online.

To test it out, she first ordered a basket of fruits and cheeses for herself, and a premium wine to go with it.  It arrived as promised, was delivered without incident, and added just the right touch to the “me-time” she planned on her three-day weekend.  She searched Groupon to find a code to enter at checkout, and found that she could apply it right from her smart phone as she enjoyed the view from her new deck.  The deal saved her 20% off her purchase, and she qualified for free shipping.  Best of all, she signed up for the concierge service and has all her Harry & David gifts scheduled to send out on time through the end of the year.   She has scheduled fresh fruits for the Kwanzaa altar of her co-workers, wine to enjoy with the keftes de prasa – fried leek patties, enjoyed during Hanukah, and cheese cake for the New Year’s Eve bash the television station she works for throws every year.

You, too, can sit, sip and shop in the comfort of your home one click at a time, and make all the purchases you need this year from Harry & David.   And if there’s a December baby in the house or on the way, you’ll find lots of gift ideas for those occasions, too.  Don’t get caught off guard again, but if you do, search Groupon for a money saving coupon code for Harry & David.

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