Few Questions That You Need to Ask Before Buying A New Air Conditioner


If you are going to buy a new air conditioner for the first time then you need to know about the appliances. However, if your knowledge about such appliances is very limited then you can ask following few questions for better understanding about it and decide which one will be suitable for your budget.

  • Do I really need an air conditioner?

Before asking this question to anyone else, you must ask this to yourself. If you are reasonably convinced that you need to buy AC then you must consult a HVAC professional and try to know about the type of AC will be right for you

  • What capacity of air conditioner will be suitable for my home?

You need to ask the HVAC expert which room will be suitable for installation of AC and what should be its capacity. Based on the area in square feet of the room he will suggest whether 1 ton or 1.5-ton capacity will be good enough to cool your room.

  • What type of air conditioner should you buy?

There are two types of air conditioners generally used in the household. Window air conditioner and split air conditioner. In most of the houses window air conditioners can be installed, however if your window size is not able to accommodate the window AC then you can opt for split AC.

  • Which company is preferable to buy AC from?

There are few well-known brands like Hitachi, Samsung, LG or Voltas etc. available in the markets which are quite well known for their quality and service. You can survey the market and whoever offers best deal to you will be ok. There may be little cost variations which may also vary from dealer to dealer.

  • Which star rating should be preferred?

The star ratings are given to various models of air conditioners that indicate its power consumptions. Higher the star rating, the power consumptions of the AC tends to be lower. However, the prices of higher star rating will be slightly more than the lower star rated air conditioners. The energy consumption of 5-star rated air conditioners will be much lower than 1 star rated air conditioners. Now you have to decide whether you want to pay higher cost for the AC now and recover its cost by paying lower monthly electricity bill or save your money now with purchase of lower star rated AC and pay higher electricity charges.

With the above information you should be in a position to decide which AC will be right for you.

Shopping of electronic items and electrical appliances have become very easy these days. Most of the top brands have their presence online, and you can easily select and make the purchases on their website itself. 

However, you need to make sure that you compare the prices of different air conditioners and their features from multiple vendors before making your purchase. Websites like comparerja.in can be very helpful for finding the vendors, who sell top quality products for the best prices.

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