European Style Cabinets Add More Than Flair


If you’re contemplating an upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, there is a wide variety of options available in every price range. Modern cabinetry has evolved from simple box construction to a more functional format. Your kitchen or bath should be as elegant and sophisticated as possible, with a minimum of clutter from hinges and door pulls. Clean lines, concealed hinges, and a frameless construction with no awkward center stiles allow for full access to the interior of the cabinets and offer wider drawers for better storage. So, if new cabinets are on your To-Do list, don’t overlook European style cabinets. 

What to Look For

Regardless of your budget constraints, you want a cabinet that is solidly constructed and comes fully assembled. Look for dovetailed joints and soft-close drawers. Concealed hinges will allow for a clean design. Doors can be either a slab design or Shaker style for more dimension, and the finish should be available in matte, glossy, or textured. Doors should have a vertical grain, but drawers should have a horizontal one. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a cabinet that uses ultra dense furniture board. If you can scale up a notch, spend your money on solid maple drawer boxes. 

What Else Should Be Considered?

Once you’ve decided on the type of cabinets you can afford, you need to select a finish. Cabinet fronts can be painted for a pop of color. If you prefer a modern yet warm look, explore the different wood finishes available. Or you can choose a clean, crisp look by using a neutral color, such as grey, white, or black. Take your time with the planning phase. Look at a variety of home design books to find the right look for your family and your home. Take a drawing of your kitchen’s dimensions and your proposed layout with you to the cabinet maker, but work with a professional designer to maximize your design. Find a company that will hand make your order and deliver it in a timely fashion, usually four to six weeks. Investigate the cabinet maker’s practices, should you need to return a cabinet or damage occurs during shipment. Make certain the cabinets are certified non-toxic by GreenGuard, to ensure your home remains healthy. And, if your cabinets are American-made, all the better. These are all considerations when choosing European style cabinets

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