Choosing Right Lighting for Your Aquarium

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These days, many people have a small aquarium in their house or at office as a piece of decoration. Many people like to have it based on Chinese Feng-sui concept. When you have aquarium then you need to have proper light too. However, excess light can also cause formation of algae in the tank which is very difficult to remove. Unfortunately, even natural sunlight is also not good for such aquarium unless you also install an expensive chiller too. Therefore, you need to choose the right kind of light source for your aquarium.

If you are interested to see different kinds of aquarium then you can visit the website and get few ideas about lighting for the aquarium. Following are few things to consider when you are buying any lighting system for your aquarium.

  • Whether the lights that you are planning to buy is for planted aquarium?
  • Whether the aquarium is built within a reef tank?
  • Are you going to install any kind of timer which will control the timing of the light?
  • What should be the expected duration that the light will last?
  • Do you want to assemble any suitable fixture for the light on top of the aquarium?

Some of the common lighting option for aquarium

  • Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting

Very commonly used aquarium lighting by many people as well as hobbyists. It is more efficient as compared to standard incandescent bulbs and also heat generated is quite low. You can get plenty of choices and usually available in the range of 15 to 40 watts.


  1. Low heat
  2. Convenient
  3. Lots of options to choose
  4. Capable of creating certain peak wavelengths
  5. Suitable for fish only salt water tanks


  1. In the long time it is more expensive
  2. No compatibility between lamps
  3. Lifespan shorter than LED
  • Metal Halide Aquarium lighting

This type of light is very commonly used in reef aquariums and such light can produce very intense light with different colour temperatures. Some of the manufacturers of aquarium also combine this kind of lights with fluorescents, as it can produce quite an intense light. You will also need to install and run a small fan near the lamp in order to get rid of heat from the water. The light should be typically of 175 to 1000 watts.


  1. Light is very intense
  2. Great for reef tanks
  3. Various colour temperature


  1. Not very energy efficient
  2. It produces lots of heat and therefore needs chiller too
  3. It is too expensive.
  • LED aquarium light

There are many different varieties of LED lights along with fixtures available like tubes, light rails flood lights or single pendants. You can customize the light based on the design of the aquarium.


  1. Long lasting
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Colour ratios can be adjusted
  4. Produce very little heat
  5. Very little hassle in changing the light
  6. Saves money in due course of time


  1. Not necessary for fish only aquarium with saltwater
  2. Initially, it was not an affordable option

LED sets are more popular than others.

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