Are You Choosing the Rug for Your Home?


People prefer to use rug to carpet their room for some good reasons. Besides providing comfort, warmth and cushion they also protect concrete or wooden floor and in addition to that they also provide an artistic look to your interiors.

However, while choosing such area rugs for your interiors, you must avoid following mistakes.

  • Avoid choosing rug that is too small

If you do not take proper measurement of the room and use smaller rug for the room then the room will appear to be much smaller. Carpet should be large enough so that it can accommodate the furniture placed in the room and you can sit comfortably with your guests and hold discussion. If you are using the carpet in your bedroom then it should be big enough so that whenever you get up from your bed, your feet should feel the rug.

  • Not trying layering

The most important reason for buying smaller rugs are because you can buy them at lower price. Therefore, prefer to buy jute rug of larger sizes as it does not cost too much. On the top of it you can place your other rug so that in case your kids or pets are having stains on their feet will get cleaned on jute rug and your carpet will be protected from stains.

Another cost-effective solution to cover the whole room is instead of buying huge custom rug that may cost you fortune, buy two rugs and place them side by side and join them by using any carpet tape.

  • Leaving certain area bare

You can try layering in the corners too so that the whole carpeting is available wall-to-wall and using the tape as mentioned above, you can also join in the corner.

  • Choosing your rug last

If you are planning to decorate your room right from the scratch then first thing that you must choose is the rug and it should be able to cover the total room. If you wait then perhaps you cannot get the rug of the right size. Take help of any decorator who can help you to choose the right rag for the room.

  • Being afraid of pattern

It is not necessary the whole of the room must have uniform pattern of design. There is nothing wrong if little contrast is available between one end of the carpet to another end. Same pattern all throughout the room will give a flat and bland appearance.

  • Skipping the rug pad

You must try to cover all area of the floor with the rug so that it can offer necessary comfort to you under the feet. Particularly for flat weave rugs, will provide much more comfort to you under the feet.

  • Missing the discount

You must ask for discount when you are negotiating for any carpet from a store. You can find few vintage carpets from Turkey or Persian countries on a number of online shops. They also offer discount for clearance sale. Many of these websites also display their discount codes for their special customer.

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